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    To encourage and promote life long connections with Arizona teammates, coaches, and staff, while upholding the tradition and heritage of Arizona Athletics and building pride in the “A” that only Letterwinners understand.

    Family Forever: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 


    What is the A-Club?

    The Arizona A-Club is a free association and is made up of any man or woman who
    has been awarded a University of Arizona varsity letter, or has been voted as an
    Honorary Letterman or Letterwoman, determined by of the Department of
    Intercollegiate Athletics.

    The Arizona A-Club encourages continued involvement and participation of all alumni
    Letterwinners in activities relating to The University of Arizona and the Athletics
    Department. A-Club activities are designed to bring alumni back to the University of
    Arizona campus and to recognize former letterwinners who have made outstanding
    contributions to Arizona Athletics.

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    The Wildcat Club is the collective group of donors who provide financial support for scholarships, state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, team travel and all the other tools that help Arizona student-athletes succeed on and off the field.

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