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    CATS Forever

    The University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

    Former Student-Athlete Education Assistance Program

    The mission of the Cats Forever program is to assist former Arizona student-athletes in fulfilling the goal of graduation for those who left school early before receiving their undergraduate degree. There are three components to the Cats Forever Program:

    Academic Assistance

    The Athletics Department can provide academic assistance to former student-athletes with regard to admission, registration, transcripts, degree-check, tutoring and course evaluation in respect to the individual’s graduation status. Former student-athletes who are unable to attend the UA and enroll at another local college or university may also request academic assistance with academic transcripts, course evaluations, etc.

    Personal Development Assistance

    The Athletics Department has staff who can assist former student-athletes in developing the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and after graduation. The program focuses on three main areas:

    Enhancement: To expand the range of available coping skills to insure that former student-athletes are better prepared for returning to school.

    Support: Provide social and emotional support during the academic, employment and transitional periods.

    Counseling: Provide counseling for former student-athletes who may be having difficulty with the transition from playing their sport.

    Interested In Returning to School?

    If you are a former Arizona student-athlete who is interested in returning to school, the Athletics Department has resources to assist you in reaching your goal to obtain a degree.  To get the process started, please click here, print the form and fax it back to us.

    Financial Assistance

    Former student-athletes may apply for a very limited amount of financial aid through the CATS Forever Program. Due to the limited amount of aid available, financial aid not guaranteed but the Athletics Department may assist in securing advice on other financial opportunities outside of the department (i.e. loans, grants, other scholarship opportunities, etc.) The Intercollegiate Athletics Department does not financially assist those individuals who are taking classes at an institution other than the UA or online classes taken at the UA.

    CATS Forever Finish Line Scholarship A-Club Finish Line Scholarship Form-application

    Discipline, Dedication and Desire A-Club Scholarship DDD Interest Form-application

    Eligibility to Apply

    Scholarships Available to Apply For (Deadline for Fall Semester  – June 21(5pm)  and Spring Semester – September 15)

    This program serves as an excellent way for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics to better serve former student-athletes and assist them in obtaining their degrees. For more information, please contact the Athletics Department A-Club Office at 520-621-9272 or



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