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    A-Club Advisory Committee

    Name Sport/Year
    John Belobraydic M. BASKETBALL ’84
    Bruce Bugajski WRESTLING ’78
    Dennis Bugajski WRESTLING ’78
    Frank  Chen M. TENNIS ’12
    Lynette Christian WRA/WAA ’69
    Dave Connor FOOTBALL ’83
    Clarke Duncan BASEBALL ’50
    Adam  Goldstein  FOOTBALL ’06
    Willett Gorham WRESTLING ’57
    Mary Holloway WRA/WAA ’51
    Alicia  Hollowell W. SOFTBALL ’06
    Rich Lemons BASEBALL ’93
    Rick Riddle M. GOLF ’72
    Jim Riley M. Track & FIELD ’59
    Tom Van Atta M. BASKETBALL ’55
    Frank Youdelman M. RIFFLE ’77
    Harry Munyon M. RIFFLE’74
    Paul  Vassallo FOOTBALL ’11
    Michelle(Johnson) Skog W. TRACK & FIELD ’96
    Felecity  Willis W. SOFTBALL, W. BASKETBALL ’00




    Ray Wells (Football & Track and Field ’02)
    Coordinator, Alumni Letterwinners & Annual Giving

    Phoebe T. Chalk, Ed.D. (Honorary Letterwoman ’10)
    Associate Athletics Director Major Gifts, Annual Giving & A-Club

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    The Wildcat Club is the collective group of donors who provide financial support for scholarships, state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, team travel and all the other tools that help Arizona student-athletes succeed on and off the field.

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